N H E CNational House for Engineering Consultancy

About Us

The National House for Engineering Consultancy (NHEC) is a Libyan company offering a wide range of technical services. NHEC was established in 1996 by a group of highly qualified consultants and technical engineers, whose expertise in engineering projects with specific disciplines of design and construction.

NHEC engaged and specialized in activities such as design, development, management, and the control of Engineering water Transportation and Distribution systems and their components.


NHEC has successfully accomplished a long list of projects in Libya, covering mainly water pipe transportation and distribution systems and their components, with a total construction value exceeding L.D. 1billon. This covers civil engineering and utilities, electromechanical engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural development for manmade river utilization projects, and public and industrial buildings. Profiles of selected NHEC indicative projects completed or currently under design are included hereinafter.


NHEC has a growing permanent and temporary staff, including civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical, mechanical, transportation and environmental engineers, surveyors, drafters, technicians and highly competent supporting staff.
In addition to the core staff, NHEC maintains an active roster experts and specialists in all fields of relevant importance to the office.These experts are well known authorities in their specialization and most of them are active members in national academic institutions.


Since was established NHEC has been using in the performance of its work the most advanced office equipment, tools and techniques. NHEC engineers are extensively using highly developed facilities and handle all design computations, modelling, scheduling and communications.


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Abdalla Ben-Amer


Hamid Eltabuly


National House for Engineering Consultancy





 Sidihussein - Almadeena Tower - 6th floor - Benghazi - Libya.