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Supervision and Engineering Management for The Implementation of Desalination Water Distribution Networks. Date of Implementation 2008


Water and Sewage Company - Tripoli, Libya


The Management and Supervision for the implementation of 150 Km length of duct iron pipes from desalination plants in Darna and Susa to supply the towns in the surrounding areas of Darna, Susa, Al-Baeda, and Shah-at, Libya.
The project comprises also the rehabilitation of the existing 20,000m3 concrete water tank along with the construction of new several concrete water tanks with various capacities (10,000/5000/2000/1000)m3 along with supply and erection of a pumping station.

The National House imposed at this project a Quality Management System comprised the following documents: Project Quality Plans/ Project Procedures/ Work Instructions (developed when necessary)/ and Forms and Records. These documents defined how the Project activities were performed & controlled and who was responsible for the control.

NHEC Quality Management System documentation has been established in a user friendly format responsive to amendments when changes occurred in the organisation over the time and to enable NHEC to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals. In addition, they provide a sound basis for training and for the continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

NHEC has used its standard Principal Procedures for the control of the construction activates. Such procedures deals with the review of Detailed Design Work, Documentation (Document Control), and Material Management.

NHEC took control of the construction work at site via an experienced construction Manager who was leading the supervision. Site Engineers and surveyors were reporting to the Construction Manager directly and the lead civil Engineer was liaised with the construction Manager for the engineering matters and changes to the design proposed by the contractor via a control system of documents.

The progress of the work was followed by our project control team who was issuing a monthly progress report which highlighted the overall progress achieved by the contractor and the area of concern which would affect the progress of the work.

The completed work was controlled with the process control sheets which at a later stage transferred to a progress verification sheets in order to allow the contractor to invoice his completed works.


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