N H E CNational House for Engineering Consultancy

Hydraulic Analysis Studies. Date of Implementation 2006


Great Man-Made River Project
Phase One Water Utilization Authority
Benghazi, Libya


As a result to the development of the irrigation area in the vicinity of Benghazi region, there were some changes to the original master plan.
The project consist of a series of hydraulic analysis studies regarding the operation of the conveyance pump station , pumping main and the distribution networks, to establish the range of pressure that can occur in the pipeline in case of pump failure or start up in order to check the capability of the existing anti surge devices.
In addition, it was necessarily to assess the performance of the appurtenances and recommend any extra requirement or limitations on operation procedures that may be considered necessary to safeguard the structural integrity of the work.


National House for Engineering Consultancy





 Sidihussein - Almadeena Tower - 6th floor - Benghazi - Libya.