Master Plans for Municipal Infrastructure Utilities. Date of Implementation 2005


Housing and Utilities implementation Authority
Tripoli, Libya


NHEC scope of work was to develop infrastructure master plans to establish a program for the phased development of several town’s municipal utilities through the year 2025.
The scope of the work requires undertaking the following interrelated tasks, and presenting the results in a master plan for each town:
• Existing Conditions
• Identification of high priority projects
• Long –Term Strategic Plan
• Implementation Plan

Our Scope of service divided into the following four (4) stages:
Stage 1: evaluation of infrastructure existing conditions.
Stage 2: Preparation of Master Plans.
Stage 3: Preliminary Designs for Utilities.
Stage 4: Final Designs for Utilities services, namely:
• Roads network
• Potable water supply network
• Wastewater: collection; disposal system; and treatment facilities
• Storm drainage network
• Electrical Power, electrical supply, electrical network, and road lighting